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Welcome to LoneWolves PvP!

Jeruhmi a posted May 8, 13
Hey there,

I hope you enjoy our brand spanking new website. Awhile ago we were using a different sort of forum software, and everything went pear-shaped in the end - Let's hope this one stays!

For the time being, here are some simple links (until you get familiarised with the new website):

Our IP: lonewolves.net - Make sure you use this IP!
Our TS:ts.lonewolves.net

- Love from the LoneWolves Team :)

chazyCJ1234 BladNext, Try exiting out of minecraft and reopening it.
Nova7792 I kinda miss TRS
BladNext hello i have one problem when i want join to the server it writes: failed to login invaild session (try to restart your ...
yolo_ninja_212   created a new thread Coming back in the Off-Topic forum
codecode2999   joined LoneWolves PvP
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PotatoWarrior89   Welcome to Lone Wolves PvP! Here is the IP: [link] ! Hope to see you on!
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